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Revolve Water is a non-profit organization that transfers knowledge for young professionals to better communicate about the value of water. Our knowledge leadership includes training programs and publications, research and stakeholder events. Revolve Water brings together members from different professional and cultural backgrounds, from junior to expert level. As an international platform, we encourage the exchange of information and knowledge about water and energy in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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Highlighting the different dimensions of the looming water scarcity crisis in the Mediterranean region, our series of special reports covers the interconnected issues of water and energy, climate and agriculture, innovation and technology, management and governance, and more.
Based on the award-winning “Water Around the Mediterranean” report for best WASH publication at the 2012 Stockholm World Water Week, we have worked with the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Investment Bank, the German Development Agency and other valued institutional and strategic partners.
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The Rhone and the Power of its Waters

Managing and protecting a great European river The Rhone, like all great rivers, brings risks and benefits, impacting the communities who live along it and who in turn have tried [...]

A New Water Culture In Cyprus

The Mediterranean countries have to tackle the issue of their limited freshwater resources, which mainly derives from rainfall occurrences of high variability in space and time, statistically dropping in quantity [...]

Spain’s Tordera River Basin

Tordera is one of four Mediterranean Case Study River Basins of the BeWater project: making society an active participant in water adaptation to global change. Tordera River Basin is located [...]