Water Scarcity and Security in the Mediterranean

Current patterns of water management and development in the southern Mediterranean region are often not sustainable. The region is facing severe water scarcity with freshwater availability per capita among the lowest in the world, representing a serious constraint for socio-economic development and a potential cause for water-related conflicts.

A Testimony of Water Challenges in Southeast Asia

Urban growth, temperature rise and melting glaciers threaten river deltas around the world. Southeast Asia – from India to China – in particular will be severely affected. Large numbers of people live in poverty, countries are densely-populated and coastlines are long. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the chance that people in this region will be affected by water-related disasters is about 25 times greater than in Europe. How are people tackling water challenges in Asia?

Singapore’s water story

A streamflow towards self-sufficiency and sustainable development Water security is identified as one of the threats emanating from failing global efforts to stop climate change. As of 2015, two-thirds of the world’s population will be [...]

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In Depth

The New “Water – Employment – Migration” Nexus

Water, employment and migration crises are posing rising risks globally. In parts of the Mediterranean, the situation on all three crises is alarming. Their link may not be obvious at a first glance, but it [...]

Water Cost in Southern Spain

The Price of Watering Europe's Southern Plains Farmers in south-eastern Spain are complaining of water shortages and say they will go out of business by the end of the year if the government does not increase supply. But [...]

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