Water Loss Management in Muscat

Writen by Ms. Manal Moosa AL-Bulushi Winner of MEDRC Young Omani Water Researcher Award 2017 The Middle East region is facing several types of water problems due to many factors such as climatic and economic [...]

Strengthening Transboundary Water Cooperation

As water demand continues to grow and water quality continues to diminish, the importance of transboundary water cooperation is becoming primordial.

Water Sharing in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

How does community-based irrigation water management impact water access in the southern and eastern Mediterranean?

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In Depth

The New “Water – Employment – Migration” Nexus

Water, employment and migration crises are posing rising risks globally. In parts of the Mediterranean, the situation on all three crises is alarming. Their link may not be obvious at a first glance, but it [...]

Water Cost in Southern Spain

The Price of Watering Europe's Southern Plains Farmers in south-eastern Spain are complaining of water shortages and say they will go out of business by the end of the year if the government does not increase supply. But [...]

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