Singapore’s water story

A streamflow towards self-sufficiency and sustainable development Water security is identified as one of the threats emanating from failing global efforts to stop climate change. As of 2015, two-thirds of the world’s population will be [...]

Shared Water, Contested Water: The Middle East

Sharing the Contested Waters of the Middle East In 1988, the Egyptian Foreign Minister Boutros Boutros-Ghali said that the next war in the Middle East would be fought over water. What is the situation nearly 30 years on, [...]

Shared Waters, Shared Responsibility: Europe

Governance of Europe's Waters The European Water Framework Directive is a successful – although imperfect – model for international management and the protection of water supplies and natural water environments. The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is one of the most [...]

Albania’s Vjosa River Controversy

Damming the Wild Rivers of Albania Plans to build a series of dams and hydropower plants on the Vjosa River in  Albania have unleashed a heated debate across Europe, as hydropower potential is weighed up against ecological considerations. The Vjosa River is Albania’s third-longest river, covering a distance of 270 kilometers between its [...]

Saudi Arabia’s Search for a More Sustainable Water Culture

Saudi Arabia’s Great Thirst Years of massive over-exploitation have severely depleted Saudi Arabia’s water resources. The government is now taking steps to curb consumption in all sectors but public awareness of the growing crisis remains low. Saudi Arabia is facing [...]

Building Climate Change Resilience

Building resilience can help vulnerable rural communities face the challenge of climate change. Changing weather patterns and growing pressure on natural resources are making it increasingly important to prioritize environmental sustainability and durability in the West Asia-North Africa region. The impact of [...]

Jordan’s Water Scarcity

Tackling Water Scarcity in Jordan Massive population growth, the expansion of agricultural activities and inefficient water use over the past 60 years have plunged Jordan into a deepening water crisis. As one of the most arid countries in [...]

Egypt’s Water Sustainability Part II: Alexandria’s Water History

Alexandria’s Water Supply Through History Alexandria has struggled to provide a regular and clean supply of fresh water to its citizens since medieval times. Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, Alexandria lies on the Mediterranean coast, on [...]

Egypt’s Water Sustainability Part I: The Mahmoudiyah Canal

The Death of a Canal: Urban Water Supply in Egypt Toxic waste, sewage, and salinity are endangering the main drinking water supply in Egypt’s second city. Built in 1817 upon the order of the Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali Pasha, the 77-kilometer [...]