Egypt’s Water Sustainability Part II: Alexandria’s Water History

Alexandria’s Water Supply Through History Alexandria has struggled to provide a regular and clean supply of fresh water to its citizens since medieval times. Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, Alexandria lies on the Mediterranean coast, on [...]

Egypt’s Water Sustainability Part I: The Mahmoudiyah Canal

The Death of a Canal: Urban Water Supply in Egypt Toxic waste, sewage, and salinity are endangering the main drinking water supply in Egypt’s second city. Built in 1817 upon the order of the Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali Pasha, the 77-kilometer [...]

From Conflict to Context-Based Metrics

The stories of the Cauvery River and California’s Central Valley Few things convey conflict like an image of a truck on fire. This photo, taken in India from September 2016 does just that, serving to remind us that [...]

Morocco: Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Searching for Balance: Water Use in Morocco Growing water scarcity and more frequent drought in Morocco are driving innovative local projects such as fog harvesting in the coastal mountains. I was raised between the desert and the sea. To [...]

The Mediterranean: The Need for a Sustainable Future

Mare Nostrum The history and culture of the Mediterranean region are intimately linked to water. To ensure a sustainable future and provide for its growing population, the region must prioritize its water and energy management. [...]

Addressing the Mediterranean Water Crisis

Water scarcity and resource mismanagement threaten economic and environmental security in the Middle East- North Africa and Mediterranean regions. The Sicilian city of Catania with Mount Etna in the background, Italy, 2012. Source: Dror Feitelson. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the [...]

Towards a Water and Energy Community

The Mediterranean is defined by the diversity of the peoples and lands that surround this splendid sea. This report reflects this diversity by providing insights into different regions in movement around these turquoise waters. To paraphrase the French historian Ferdinand Braudel: [...]

The Rhone and the Power of its Waters

Managing and protecting a great European river The Rhone, like all great rivers, brings risks and benefits, impacting the communities who live along it and who in turn have tried to control it. These communities [...]

A New Water Culture In Cyprus

The Mediterranean countries have to tackle the issue of their limited freshwater resources, which mainly derives from rainfall occurrences of high variability in space and time, statistically dropping in quantity since the early 70’s. Their [...]