Francesca de Châtel

Francesca de Châtel is the director of Revolve Water. As a journalist, editor and author specializing in water issues, she has spent more than 15 years researching and writing about various aspects of water, scarcity in the Arab world and Mediterranean region. Francesca holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Francesca’s work has been published in books, academic journals and international and regional newspapers, including the ESCWA Inventory of Shared Water Resources in West Asia.

Peter Easton

Peter Easton is a founding member of Revolve Water. He is a consultant in water management and stewardship with more than 20 years international experience, across Europe, in the Middle East and in Africa. With a Masters in Hydrogeology, he has experience in a wide range of sectors, including water supply, food and beverages, sustainable agriculture, wetland restoration and mining. Aspects include groundwater supply, impact assessments, risk assessments and sustainability. Peter is a GRI (G4) certified and experienced corporate sustainability reporter.

Stuart Reigeluth

Stuart Reigeluth is Vice-President of Revolve Water. He holds a MBA (2015) from the Solvay-Ponts Business School in Brussels/Paris and a MA (2005) from the Center for Arab and Middle East Studies (CAMES) at the American University of Beirut. Stuart was a freelance journalist covering the Arab-Israeli conflict and a columnist for Gulf News for over 10 years. He worked as Project Coordinator for the Mediterranean and Middle East program at the Toledo International Center for Peace (CITpax) in Madrid and has contributed to numerous think tank publications and media outlets.

Sören Bauer

Sören Bauer is Vice-President of Revolve Water. He has been a communication expert on water, sanitation, renewable energies and other environmental themes for over 12 years. Sören is at the very origin of several successful brands and initiatives in the global water sector including “The WASH media award”, the African Water Facility, the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Thirsty Energy and EIP Water. He currently advises the European Commission and the World Bank on knowledge management and communication (KMC) in the water sector.