Water is the very foundation of life on Earth; the life source for all that exists and thrives on Planet Earth and yet we treat Her with such disdain: our oceans and waterways are polluted to almost [...]

American Waters

Alex Kirkbride decided he wanted “an immense creative challenge”, so he set out on a three-year journey across the United States with his wife Hazel, traveling over 100,000 miles to capture underwater images from every [...]

Essence Life

George Haddad

Leaving the Land

Between 2006 and 2009 photographer Adel Samara documented the humanitarian impact of a devastating drought in north-eastern Syria. More than 1.3 million people were affected by the drought, with subsistence farmers losing up to 90% [...]

Nile Basin

Archaeologist and anthropologist Terje Oestigaard travels down the Nile from the Egyptian capital Cairo through Sudan and up the Blue Nile to Ethiopia along the world’s longest river. Despite closer cooperation between the Nile Basin [...]


Critic’s Choice Name: Kabita Gautam Age: 26 Title of Photograph: Water, the Light of Life Description: This is the reservoir of the First Hydro Power Station in Nepal established by Rana Prime Minister [...]


Malta’s future success is closely linked to how it manages its limited water resources. In one sense, it is lucky. Although an island nation, its physical foundations are one big aquifer of limestone rock, historically [...]

So Blue, So Blue

Documentary photographer Ad van Denderen traveled around the Mediterranean from 2003 to 2008, exploring the political, cultural and religious diversity of this region where Africa, Asia and Europe, Christianity and Islam, rich and poor come [...]